UT-A – Still Junk Mail U.

I previously griped about the quantity of unsolicited junk mail (physical and electronic) the University of Texas at Austin sends applicants, even when they aren’t enrolling. Well, it keeps coming. I just unsubscribed from the UT athletics e-mail list for the second time. I still get stuff from Austin-area apartment complexes.

Meanwhile, NYU and University of Detroit at Mercy keep inviting me to symposia and seminars. Drat.

EDIT 10/1: I hear that everyone else who applied at UT gets the same quantity of garbage, so it’s not just me. It’s apparently even worse for undergrads. UT is dropping, rapidly, in my personal ranking system…

Law School, Day One

Well, I really must be a geek, because I’m enjoying this. I enjoyed the first set of readings (minus one opinion by a windbag of a justice, which could have been reduced from 9 pages to maybe 2-3 sentences). Lunch included a discussion on political theory, especially the 2004 and 2008 Presidential elections. In any case, with the exception of ongoing Windows bugs billed as features or fraudulently claimed by Microsoft to be fixed, life is pretty good…

More Delays

Well, between hanging out with my new classmates, troubleshooting a very bad Internet connection, and trying to prepare for D11L (Day One, One-L year of law school), I have not delivered very well on my promise to blog more.

I will. I mean it. Just not yet.

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