Dobbs: Not so Smart

Lou Dobbs has a new whine, titled “Not so smart when it comes to the Middle East.” You don’t really have to read it; basically, Americans are blundering, isolationist idiots, and the current war is all our fault for not subsidizing Lebanon (a.k.a., Western Syria) as heavily as Israel. Enjoy the read, if you can.

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  1. > the current war is all our fault for not subsidizing Lebanon ( a.k., western Syria) as much as Israel

    Not the sort of reading comprehension that gets you a high LSAT score. Dobbs criticizes the disparity in aid betwen US aid to Israel and US aid to Lebanon. Then does the same for the disparity between US aid to Israel and US aid to the Palestinians. Then he says “This kind of geopolitical inconsistency and shortsightedness has contributed to the Arab-Israeli conflict . . .”

  2. Hi Laney. I’m not sure quite what your criticism of my post is. Yes, Dobbs made the comments you attribute to him; he made the point I noted, as well. So what? The fact that the U.S. gives more aid to Israel than it does to Lebanon or Palestine does not, by itself, present an argument for giving more aid to either Lebanon or Palestine. While our policies are far from perfect, I fail to see how aiding a (still) largely pro-Syrian, Lebanese government or a Hamas-controlled Palestinian one helps America, America’s allies, or the Middle East as a whole.

    My problems with the piece are that it contains some factual problems (the U.S. government is not decrying Israel’s “lack of restraint,” for example, at least not officially), proposes no solutions (it merely says that our policies are all wrong, without giving any meaningful input on what would be better), and basically just tries to shift the debate back to Iraq. Yes, we live in a world of limited resources, but it is a major fallacy to think that every crisis in a given part of the world merits exactly the same response (rescue boats for Iraqis? Which ones? All of them?).

    As a final note, as somebody who has lived in the Middle East, I would say that American policies there have certainly increased Arab frustrations with America, in some areas, but I do not believe that our policies have all that much do to with the Arab-Israeli tensions.

  3. If anything, the Arab-Israeli conflict would continue to be bloody and violent without any US input to either side.

    by the way, ed, I saw Leon Best at church this AM.

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