Public Service Announcement: Tested Advertising Methods

After watching a truly horrifying self-produced commercial, I felt compelled to recommend again a book which everyone in business should read. It’s a classic, called Tested Advertising Methods, and it basically tells you all you need to know about advertising (what works and what doesn’t, why, etc.). Do yourself or the business geek(s) in your life a favor, and pick up a copy. It’s actually very entertaining and informative reading, even if you never put together an ad in your life.

An example of what does not work, when advertising a local Internet access provider, is video of strangely dressed people in an echoing room looking at TVs showing your old ads (which, by the way, consisted almost entirely of your logo) and saying things like, “We’re looking at 10 years of [COMPANY] ads!” Seriously, that was the entire commercial. Geeks, in a room, with TVs, saying stupid things do not make me want broadband any more than I did before, much less provided by said geeks…





Dick Durbin: Towering Genius, or Grossly Irresponsible?

Dick Durbin can, apparently claim with a straight face that 46 hours, 8 minutes (commencing at 12:15 AM a week before Christmas) is enough time to read a 3,417 page omnibus spending bill and vote on it. Either Durbin has the reading abilities of a small army of legal thinkers, or he’s irresponsible in the extreme. Illinois should be even more ashamed of this joke of a legislator than before.

Dick Durbin: Speed Reader | Redstate

Goodbye, Co-op!

Finally, the Hyde Park Co-op is closing its doors. It’s about time. From all I can tell, it has been a failing business almost from its inception; there’s no question that it was overly expensive and pathetically managed and operated during the last two and a half years.

More details here.

Logical Fallacies

They drive me crazy. Ever wonder what the proper term for one is? Try Logical

Now, you can rage at all your least favorite politicians, talking heads, and other people of questionable intellectual faculties… in latin!

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