Why It Has to Be Romney

Despite my earlier post, I am ready to say: it has to be Romney.

I surely heard about this, but I must have blocked it from my memory in horror. In 1999, Senator John McCain accepted an award from the National Council of La Raza. In case you’re not familiar with these moonbats, they oppose secure drivers’ licenses, federal rules requiring employer matching of Social Security Numbers to tax records, attempts to limit state subsidies of education to people legally in the United States, and more. They also advocate amnesty for illegal immigrants. I guess it’s not that surprising they would give John McCain an award, though I’m surprised they did it so long before he really lost it on immigration issues.

In any case, I can’t, in good conscience, support anyone willing to accept an award from such a racially-motivated group, especially one which consistently advocates measures to erode the national sovereignty of the United States in fact, if not in so many words. Throw in the fact that McCain may have the least understanding of the economy of any serious candidate in the race for the White House, and I just can’t give him my support.

I’m voting for Mitt Romney. No, he’s not the perfect conservative. He does, however, understand the economy and the dangers of having imaginary borders, in regards to both security against terrorism and stability within the nation. We can’t afford McCain. It has to be Romney.