The Hypocrisy Continues

John Kerry is insisting that the White House release “in their entirety” all documents and memos from John Roberts’s time there. Kerry, despite repeated claims to the contrary, never made public most of his (relevant) Vietnam records, including medical forms, discharge papers, and award citations. Apparently, routine memos are important if John Kerry is to fairly evaluate a SCOTUS nominee, but the nature of his own (original) military discharge was not important to voters choosing a Commander in Chief.

Going to Get a MINI

There’s a MINI Cooper S, coming in, that has everything I want to pay for. So, I’m heading over to the nearest dealer (a couple hours from here) in the morning, for a test drive. Assuming I like the current model styling and handling as much as that of the ’04 model, I’ll be reserving my MINI and picking it up in about 2-2.5 weeks.

Hackers, or Idiots?

What is the deal with the 404 (page not found) errors on my site? Some are Power PC problems (a tendency to include bad punctuation in page requests). Most, however, appear to be hack attempts. For example, rather than requesting /edblog/content_45.htm, somebody requests /women/creditos/content_45.htm. What is that? Weird…

Why Greenpeace has Zero Credibility

Greenpeace apparently thinks a claymation-style ad portraying a sexual encounter between Bush and Blair is an appropriate way to get attention. The ad is on IFILM: Blair Blows Bush. Warning: this is not “work safe.” Not lunch safe, either.

Thanks to Michelle Malkin.

Note: I am still trying to verify the legitimacy of this ad and that it was not created by a Greenpeace opponent. Any information – official statements by Greenpeace, etc. – would be appreciated.

UPDATE 7/30/05: It’s real. It’s on the Greenpeace UK website.