Spam Policy

I do not send spam or unsolicited e-mails of any kind, nor do I allow anyone else to do so through this site. I am not spamming you.

If you have received a message with some address in the sender’s name, it was generated by automated software used by spammers to conceal their activities by using fake sender names, a tactic called “spoofing.” It did not originate on or even pass through the server hosting this site, which you can verify by examining the message headers in your mail reader. It did not originate on or pass through my personal or work computers; they are equipped with current firewalls and virus filters to prevent hijacking.

Believe it or not, I myself receive spam messages that claim to have been sent by me or by some other address at this domain. I am not spamming myself and I am not spamming you.

There is nothing you or I can do to prevent people from pretending to be users of this domain. The SMTP protocol (e-mail system architecture) does not prevent such fakery, so all sites, including eBay, Yahoo!, banks, and this one may appear falsely in a spam’s headers.

If you have questions or have received an e-mail which you are not sure is legitimate, you are welcome to contact me.


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