FTC Disclaimer

From time to time, I review various products and services on my site.  Generally, I try to put a disclaimer in each post or page if I receive any compensation, free items, free services, or other incentives for my comments.  Unless otherwise noted, this page will serve as my universal disclaimer regarding goods and services mentioned on this site.


  • I am a member of Amazon Vine, a program in which Amazon.com sends me one or two items at a time in return for a review posted on the Amazon website.  I do not generally post those reviews on this website; those reviews are posted only on Amazon.com and identified by a logo and small disclaimer on that site.
  • I am a member of the Amazon affiliate program.  My lifetime earnings from this program as of October 2009 are on the order of $30.  My participation in the Amazon program means that most of the links to Amazon products, searches, or services on this site contain an affiliate id, which enables Amazon to send me a small (about 5%) commission on anything ordered by a user who navigates to Amazon through my site.

In the past, I have been a member of several other affiliate programs, most notably that of Elliott Wave International.  The sum total of payments I have received from such programs is under $200.

Any review or commentary for which I am in any compensated or likely to be compensated will carry a disclaimer to that effect.  Unless otherwise noted, I receive no compensation for material on this site.


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