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  • Greg Mankiw’s Work Incentives

    Greg Mankiw’s new post on his personal work incentives is required reading for anyone who wants to discuss taxes in this election cycle. The idea is simple: our tax system uses marginal rates, meaning one rate applies to the first dollar earned and different rates kick in at different thresholds. (That is, unless you’re so […]

  • Skipping Down the Garden Path

    I offer a final thought for the evening. Last night, a dear friend and I were discussing the state of the world and the nation, particularly with reference to some of the more extreme economic proposals made by politicians and pundits of varying degrees of skill. My friend is one of the most intelligent, well-educated, […]

  • What Contest?

    Given that Senator Biden has already said that Senator Obama is not ready to lead and that Senator McCain is, I found the following hilarious: Senator Joseph R. Biden Jr., the Democratic vice-presidential nominee, must have known it was coming, but he still sought divine intercession before tackling the question. When a member of the […]

  • Obama’s Strategy: Interrupted Sleep Patterns?

    So much for the build-up to The Announcement of The Pick. So…that Text Message came at 2:22am CDT | Jeff Emanuel online. Favorite line: The promised Text Message from Barack, which was purported to be a way of having supporters be “the first to know” who he was “introducing to the world” as the campaign’s […]

  • More on Obama & Ayers

    Stanley Kurtz is doing more great digging. Michelle Malkin is calling out the troops in the form of a phone and email campaign. For a good overview of what’s going on and what’s in the Annenberg Challenge papers, see here, in which we learn more about the connection between Obama and Ayers, about how Ayers […]