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  • Faith-Based Physics

    When I enrolled at Rice University, I thought I would dual-major in math and physics en route to a Ph.D. in physics, a university professorship, and a career relishing the life of the mind in the esoteric realms of the subatomic. No, I had known that I would do that since sometime in middle school. Within a…

  • Jumper Cables for the Mind

    Here’s one way to get those juices flowing: Jumper Cables for the Mind – NYTimes.com.  We’re already concerned about people enhancing their ability to access and process information using tools like Google Glass, and it’s already well-known that everyday activities like drinking a cup of coffee can enhance mental performance.  Now, we’re going to have…

  • Fascinating New Brain Research

    Researchers have observed never-before-detected brain activity in deep coma states.  This has obvious implications for end-of-life decisions, but also (as the article points out) for trauma patients who are placed into comas for medical reasons.  Very interesting stuff.

  • Everything You Never Heard About DDT

    DDT info on JunkScience.com. See also the Malaria Clock.

  • Nanocars. This is Just Cool.

    Drs. James Tour and Kevin Kelly of Rice University have built the world’s first single-molecule nanocar. This is just cool. Dr. Tour is awesome.