Month: December 2005

  • How to Design and Backtest a Trading System

    I have been working for some time on various systems for trading stocks, and thought I would share some of my observations and the lessons I have learned.

  • E-mail Insanity

    Message count for the 24-hour period ending 12:15 AM, 12/14/05: Legitimate messages: 70 Spam messages: 607 Total messages: 677 That’s ridiculous. Thank goodness for filters. EDIT: Totals for the month of December, to date: 654 legitimate messages and 6,957 spams, or 7,611 total messages. That comes out to 585.5 messages per day. The above totals […]

  • What I’ve Learned

    Some things I’ve learned in my first quarter of law school: Your notes from your first five weeks of law school are probably not going to do you any good in exam preparation. It’s possible to go to a great school and have a lot of fun CivPro is all about the rules. Elements is […]

  • Study: 1 in 4 targeted in phishing scams – Dec 7, 2005

    The study is discussed on I would have thought the number would be more like 4 in 4. The 70% success rate of phishing messages is even more disturbing. Granted, phishing attacks have gotten a lot more sophisticated, but still; people shouldn’t get online and conduct sensitive transactions if they don’t know how to […]

  • OOooh, yeaaah.

    Exams finished: 1 Exams that left me feeling like a competent human being: 1 Exams remaining: 1 Firm interviews offered: 1 Remaining firms to hear from: 90+ Yeah, today’s good.