How to Design and Backtest a Trading System

I have been working for some time on various systems for trading stocks, and thought I would share some of my observations and the lessons I have learned.

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E-mail Insanity

Message count for the 24-hour period ending 12:15 AM, 12/14/05:

Legitimate messages: 70
Spam messages: 607
Total messages: 677

That’s ridiculous. Thank goodness for filters.

EDIT: Totals for the month of December, to date: 654 legitimate messages and 6,957 spams, or 7,611 total messages. That comes out to 585.5 messages per day. The above totals do not include mail on my University account, nor on Gmail or Yahoo! <sighs>

What I’ve Learned

Some things I’ve learned in my first quarter of law school:

  • Your notes from your first five weeks of law school are probably not going to do you any good in exam preparation.
  • It’s possible to go to a great school and have a lot of fun
  • CivPro is all about the rules.
  • Elements is all about Levi, Dworkin, and weird heuristics
  • It’s possible to prepare well for a CivPro exam.
  • It is not possible to prepare well for an Elements exam.
  • The best way to get firms to respond to you, if you’re 1L looking for a firm summer job, is to take a final. I’ve gotten three interview requests during my two finals, and none at any other times. Almost makes me wish I had more finals. Almost.
  • Chicago’s curve makes no sense to anybody, anyway, so that lack of preparation for your Elements final may or may not mean anything, even if you get a not-stellar grade (nobody knows what the heck a 173 is, anyway).

EDIT: One more thing: you know all that hype that firms don’t really read cover letters and that you should closely adhere to instructions like, “Don’t apply until 12/15?” Don’t buy any of it.

Study: 1 in 4 targeted in phishing scams – Dec 7, 2005

The study is discussed on I would have thought the number would be more like 4 in 4. The 70% success rate of phishing messages is even more disturbing. Granted, phishing attacks have gotten a lot more sophisticated, but still; people shouldn’t get online and conduct sensitive transactions if they don’t know how to tell whether or not they are on the right sites.

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