Thanksgiving Surprise

Two weeks ago, I lost my debit card, when I foolishly started a tab for only two drinks. The bartender gave my card to somebody else, who, of course, signed for a much larger tab (hence, I have a disputed charge to deal with, as well). So, I cancelled the card and ordered a new one, figuring it would result in a minor hassle lasting a few days. The card was promised to me, after all, within 5 business days.

A week and a half later, I called Citibank to complain that the new card had not arrived. They sent a new card, promised within 1 business day (FedEx). It arrived, I activated and used it, and it was randomly and permanently cancelled by the bank. The explanation: that I had ordered yet another card, after activating this one, which, of course, I did not do. Now, I am stuck in a state without a Citibank branch, on a bank holiday, with automatic debits looming, having depleted my checking account, but with no way to transfer money from savings to checking, and with only $10 in my wallet. I am going to have to write a check to myself which will trigger my overdraft protection and possibly result in temporary overdraft charges, just to get enough cash to get home.

I am not going to let this wreck my Thanksgiving. I am, however, going to conclude that Citibank is run by incompetents.





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