New Car

Sarah and I spent the last three days looking for and buying her a car (we only had the MINI, and she clearly needed something either now or soon after we start work). She was amazing: she had already done a simply incredible amount of market research to figure out which vehicles offered the features she wanted, what their safety and reliability ratings were, and at what prices. While we have slightly different priorities in vehicles, she really had looked at all the angles.

So, after three intense days of comparison-shopping vehicles and rates, a bunch of test drives, and significant wheeling and dealing with dealers all over the Houston/Galveston area, we made our decision. Last night, we drove home with a brand-new 2008 Toyota Highlander configured just the way we wanted it, for $138 under invoice. It’s Sarah’s car, but wow… I’m a little jealous. I think I’ll park the MINI in the back and go for a spin.





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