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  • Election 2020: Mea Culpa and Taking out the Trash

    Election 2020: Mea Culpa and Taking out the Trash

    After every presidential election since the first one in which I got to vote, I have posted some thoughts on this blog or in various other places on the ‘net. You can read the 2004, 2008, 2012, and 2016 posts on this site; the 2000 post and a longer 2004 post have apparently been lost […]

  • Image

    I’ve been thinking a lot about events in the news, especially about how indifferent we can become when people who are suffering aren’t just like us. So, I wrote something and wanted to share it. I haven’t performed any of my own music for any audience other than my kids in almost 20 years, but […]

  • Stopped

    I have been stopped by the police a number of times in my life. Once, it was because I was actually speeding. Once, I was jaywalking. Once, I made an illegal turn when I was new to town and couldn’t see the “no U-turn” sign in the twilight. Once, it was because somebody didn’t renew […]

  • Blindly Trusting the Untrustworthy

    We have a weird desire to justify and validate information we hear. This is especially true if the information comes from someone we trust or feel like we should trust. We try to find ways to believe even absurd information if it comes from any kind of authority. One of the wildest examples I’ve encountered […]

  • Why COVID-19 Is Not Like the Flu or the Common Cold

    A number of folks have asked me why COVID-19 is not like the flu, “just another flu,” or like the common cold. I’m going to try to answer those questions here. Please read #12 if you read nothing else! If you are a doctor, epidemiologist, public health professional, etc., please let me know if I […]