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  • August Reboot

    The last few months have been completely crazy — I worked well over 300 hours in July alone — and this blog has once again fallen by the wayside. It’s time to reboot it. I plan to roll out a new design fairly soon, and I am going to up the posting frequency significantly. Stay […]

  • Six Hundred

    I just realized that my most recent post (GTD: Your 6 Most Important Things) was my six hundredth post on here. This site has come a long way since I started working on it in vi and Netscape on a Unix workstation. It has been edited in — and arguably abused by — vi, Netscape […]

  • Follow me on Twitter

    Follow me at @EdInHouston. Not everything on here will necessarily be on there, and vice versa.

  • Return of the Blog

    After posting to this blog only 5 times in all of 2011, I have decided that it is well past time to revive this blog. I regularly come across material that I would like to share on here, but inertia and the press of other concerns tend to take over. No more. In 2012, I […]

  • Man, I’m Terrible

    I’ve been blogging for more than eight years and still can’t avoid the multi-week periods of radio digital silence. Weak, I know. So, what’s going on? Nothing and everything. The biggest news is that we’re buying a house! That is, as long as all the remaining details come together in the next few days. It’s […]