Six Hundred

I just realized that my most recent post (GTD: Your 6 Most Important Things) was my six hundredth post on here.

This site has come a long way since I started working on it in vi and Netscape on a Unix workstation. It has been edited in — and arguably abused by — vi, Netscape Communicator, multiple versions of FrontPage, multiple versions of Dreamweaver, and countless other tools. I am pretty happy with the way it runs now (almost entirely driven by WordPress, with some portions hand-coded in Notepad++).

Mostly, I’m happy it’s still ticking along, despite a few long slowdowns, and still has some readers. Thank you for reading!






2 responses to “Six Hundred”

  1. Nick L Avatar
    Nick L

    If you want to start hating it I suggest you start coding it in Eclipse, and make sure everything is a package, that needs multiple dependencies run before you can look at anything in preview. Sigh.

    1. Ed Avatar

      Oof. Sorry, man. I am not an Eclipse guru, but that’s by choice. I know just enough about it to run away, but it sounds like you are being forced to deal with it for work or something. Good luck with that!

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