Mini Cooper S (JCW) Test Drive

I just test-drove the 2003 Mini Cooper S, with the 200-hp John Cooper Works supercharger. Very nice… Don’t know if or when I’ll be getting one, but I did enjoy it. Great handling; jumped off the line; I ran it from 0 to 70, without really pushing it, in no time flat and without even feeling it. It ran smoothly, quietly, and comfortably, and it still could pull you back into your seat, accelerating from 70 mph. Excellent little car. The one I configured is $25,196, with everything I want enough to be willing to pay for it. I like it.

[Ed. note: I removed a link on 6/7/2016 because it was no longer valid.]

Quotations! New feature on this site!

I love quotes! So, as much for my own enjoyment as anybody else’s =), I added a complete Library of Quotations – some famous, some less so. In any case, there are already well over 200 quotations, with a rudimentary search feature, categories, and author look-ups. Contact me with any feedback! God bless.

[Ed. note: I removed a link on 6/7/2016 because it was no longer valid.]

New Look for Topsail’s Website, Misc.

Well, I haven’t been on here in too long! I’ve been working on a new web page design for Topsail Consulting, learning to program in C/C++ for various projects, and a billion other things. Mostly, there just hasn’t been that much happening that was newsworthy…

One interesting thing is that I will probably be able to start classes this fall, but not in Dallas… If I can’t get to Dallas, I’m going to take classes at the DTS extension in Atlanta. That will be a nice change, at least!

Okay, back to work…

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T3: Ahnold’s Back

Just saw “Rise of the Machines” (it’s not like there’s much to do in Fayetteville, anyway) – I was actually pleasantly surprised. I’d seen a number of bad reviews, so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was about in keeping with the other two movies. It’s not quite “Citizen Kane,” but it was good entertainment.