Grad School bound

I am definitely heading to grad school – I’ve decided that’s really where I’m called and where I want to be. So, applications have been a major reason for the lack of updates, recently. So much to do… I’m excited, though, and even have some rough ideas for thesis topics (yes, that’s 2-3 years away, but it helps to start working toward a thesis early, for a variety of reasons).

For those who wonder: I’m applying to Ph.D. programs – five in Religion/Religious Studies, and one in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations (NELC). No, I won’t say which ones, just yet – I have no desire to look like an idiot, should I be rejected by one or more of them! In any case, though, the plan is to pursue a degree in Islamic Studies – I see it as an area in great need of more Western scholars, and one where I can make significant contributions, in a variety of ways.

Okay, I need to work on my “personal statements” for these applications…






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