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  • Article on Cultural Property

    HistoryNet has an article on the topic of cultural property and who owns it. The article, The War Over Plunder: Who Owns Art Stolen in War?, addresses some of the same topics I addressed in my comment for the Chicago Journal of International Law at the Law School of the University of Chicago, Keeping the […]

  • Moving, the Bar, and Other Craziness

    I haven’t been posting very often, since we just took finals, are trying to get ready to move, are studying for the bar, had to sublet our apartment, and have to graduate, still. Finals: done! They went well enough – each of us ended up reasonably happy with the quarter, especially since the only thing […]

  • Shifting Gears: Are entrepreneurs crazy idiots?

    My Entrepreneurship seminar instructor asks, “Are entrepreneurs crazy idiots?” His answer is, “Not necessarily, but some of them are.” It’s basically a risk vs. rewards calculus – if you have little to lose and much to gain, you probably should take the plunge, but if that’s not you, you probably should not. I think that […]

  • Chicago’s Internet Ban

    The law school has banned (rendered impossible) internet access in classrooms, starting with my last quarter there, as reported here. This is very frustrating, because there are, in fact, legitimate reasons for using internet access during class. I confess to occasionally using it to check news, etc., but I also use in-class internet daily to […]

  • U.S. News Rankings

    The 2008 U.S. News rankings of law schools leaked, today, as a number of websites reported. See, for example, Abovethelaw.com [ed.: link updated to an archived link because the original was broken]. One of the major points people are talking about is that Penn and Chicago, still tied, dropped to seventh, while the University of California […]