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  • Admiralty

    To my incredible shock and amazement, I am not failing out of law school because of my performance in Admiralty, last quarter. After muddling through one of the strangest exams I’ve ever seen, I fully expected the worst grade of my law school career, yet I actually did well. Not complaining!

  • Take Action: MDU Communications

    Regents Park residents: Please send the following email message to [email protected]: I live in Regents Park in Chicago, a building where you provide cable internet access. Our connection is pathetically slow — worse than dial-up, in fact — and has been since your company began providing service on February 1. Please remedy this situation, immediately.…

  • Corporations, Admiralty, and dealmaking

    I have posted my info from Professor Henderson’s Corporations online – contact me for the address. If you have an Admiralty outline (preferably for Schmidt, though anyone will do), please let me know!

  • Chicago Law = Top Law School in the United States?

    According to one analysis of the 18,000-student survey conducted by the Princeton Review, the University of Chicago has the best law school in the country. All I know is it was the right choice for me in every respect and has given me access to my choice of great jobs. [Ed. note: I removed a link…

  • Summer Jobs

    I am very excited to announce that I will be spending next summer as a summer associate in the Houston offices of two great firms: Baker Botts and Fulbright & Jaworski.