Take Action: MDU Communications

Regents Park residents: Please send the following email message to [email protected]:

I live in Regents Park in Chicago, a building where you provide cable internet access. Our connection is pathetically slow — worse than dial-up, in fact — and has been since your company began providing service on February 1. Please remedy this situation, immediately.


MDU says they are “considering” raising our bandwidth to levels comparable to dial-up and they are “monitoring” the situation. If you want a change, send the above message — you can do that with one click — and call the following numbers every day until things change:
Regents Park: 773-288-5050
MDU: 866-286-9638

UPDATE: several people have expressed some confusion about this, but it was MDI, not MDU, which used to provide access at Regents. The companies are unrelated.

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