MDU Communications: Low-Speed Internet

If you happen to be considering either getting high-speed internet access from MDU Communications or moving into an apartment where they are the sole provider, like at our apartment, my advice has to be: run away. Our “high-speed” cable connection is slower than a bad dial-up connection. It has performed nominally well on a couple of online speed tests, but in practical terms it disconnects about every other attempt to do just about anything. Drudge Report loads one time in 5. FTP transfers succeed one time in 30. Just posting this took 3 minutes longer than expected, because the page wouldn’t load. MDU, which started providing internet access here about 2 weeks ago, says it’s taking them time to “get up to speed.” Right.

Run away.






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  1. Brian Hinkle Avatar

    If it makes you feel any better, Comcast (which has been excellent the majority of the time I’ve lived in my apartment) has had INSANE ping times the past couple of weeks, like 3,000 ms or so.

    And if you’re really desperate, you could always get a T1 drop to your apartment 🙂

  2. Ed Avatar

    Yeah, actually, I can’t get a T1. Regents Park only allows two providers to provide lines here; the line won’t support a T1, and if you go with the non-MDU carrier you have to assume the (substantial) risk of them messing up the phone lines on your floor and pay for their mistakes. So… not happening.

  3. Brian Hinkle Avatar

    OK, if you’re REALLY really desperate, you could pay someone with a line-of-sight to your window to get a T1 drop, set up a pair of Pringles cantennas and network via point-to-point wireless.

    But hey, it’s only four months ’til graduation!

  4. Ed Avatar

    Wow. I’m not that desperate, but I like the way you think!

  5. Tasha Avatar

    Ed, I am a Regents Park dweller as well considering signing up for High Speed Internet access with MDU, as my AT&T dsl service sucks, (no connection for half the day, everyday). Was you issue with slow speeds ever corrected?

  6. Ed Avatar

    It got working more normally, but had some glitches. See here and here.

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