More MDU Stupidity

As I have posted before, the allegedly broadband internet service provided by MDU at Regents Park (my apartment building) is mediocre, at best. It just went from mediocre to unacceptably awful.

First, the bandwidth has dropped off again – we’re back down to a level between dial-up and broadband speeds. So, we called to complain, expecting MDU to fix the bandwidth.

We did not expect three guys to let themselves into our apartment while we were getting ready for the day. Imagine our surprise upon exiting the bedroom and finding three guys lounging around the living room and poking at my TV/audio setup.

We also did not bargain for the technicians to setup the modem incorrectly. In order to test our modem, rather than plugging an ethernet cable into the modem, they unplugged the modem, the router, and the TiVo. They then plugged the TiVo into the input port on the modem and the modem into an output port. In other words, they were trying to get an internet connection through my TiVo, without the modem.

Unsurprisingly, that didn’t really work out too well for them. So, they concluded the modem was broken. What do you do with a broken modem? Apparently, you disable the modem and leave the apartment as abruptly as you came, without saying that you’re leaving.

So, MDU guys (1) let themselves into our apartment while we were there, (2) screwed up my network configuration, (3) disabled the modem, cutting off our sluggish connection entirely, and left without warning. They did come back and turn the modem back on, but only after we complained about it to resident relations.

What kind of business are they running at MDU, anyway?






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