Month: March 2005

  • Nationalized murder

    Our nation is in the process of becoming a nation of accomplices. After a series of sham trials, in which only one side of the evidence has been permitted by the courts, a woman who is clearly not brain dead, legally or by simple observation, is about to die a torturous death by judicial fiat.…

  • Harvard doesn’t like me, much

    Harvard Law rejected me, Saturday. It seems they don’t like me, much, but I think it’s actually kind of funny. I have enough Harvard rejection and waitlist letters to paper my office, now. In any case, now I’m just waiting on Yale to tell me how bad my GPA is, and I can go ahead…

  • Penn Rejection!

    So, a split decision at Penn: I may be in the law school, but the sociology department isn’t interested. That’s okay; I’m not going, anyway, unless finances come into play.

  • Michigan and Chicago

    More news on the applications front: I was waitlisted at Michigan on Friday. I promptly withdrew. Today, though, I got a $33k scholarship at Chicago! Very nice. I’m leaning more and more towards going there.

  • Ouch…

    I just got rejected by Yale’s sociology Ph.D. program. Via e-mail, no less. Ouch.