Nationalized murder

Our nation is in the process of becoming a nation of accomplices. After a series of sham trials, in which only one side of the evidence has been permitted by the courts, a woman who is clearly not brain dead, legally or by simple observation, is about to die a torturous death by judicial fiat. The money awarded to Michael Schiavo was more than enough to sustain her life and provide for the treatments she has never received, before he and his lawyers squandered it. So, why the rush to pull the plug? Money, the evil will of a cheating husband, and the disdain held by the left for the sanctity of human life. The fact that there is even a possibility that Terri Schiavo, a living, breathing, and ailing human being, will be deliberately, slowly, and cruelly starved to death makes me ashamed to be a member of the human race. May God have mercy on all our souls.

Harvard doesn’t like me, much

Harvard Law rejected me, Saturday. It seems they don’t like me, much, but I think it’s actually kind of funny. I have enough Harvard rejection and waitlist letters to paper my office, now.

In any case, now I’m just waiting on Yale to tell me how bad my GPA is, and I can go ahead and accept at Chicago. Meanwhile, I need some sleep.

Penn Rejection!

So, a split decision at Penn: I may be in the law school, but the sociology department isn’t interested. That’s okay; I’m not going, anyway, unless finances come into play.

Michigan and Chicago

More news on the applications front: I was waitlisted at Michigan on Friday. I promptly withdrew. Today, though, I got a $33k scholarship at Chicago! Very nice. I’m leaning more and more towards going there.


I was accepted at Columbia Law School, today. That’s pretty exciting, but after the Chicago “Wine Mess,” at King & Spalding, last night, I’m pretty sold on Chicago. Still waiting on several more decisions (and financial aid!), but that’s where things stand, right now.

In at Chicago!

Woo-HOO! I just got accepted to the University of Chicago Law School! I’m very happy about this one.

In related news, I got rejected by Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, specifically by the Sociology Ph.D. program. This makes me 0-4-1 at Harvard (1 undergrad waitlist, 3 graduate rejections, and a pending law school application); I almost hope they go ahead and ding me, to complete the sweep…

So, as of right now, I’m going to Chicago; if I somehow get into Yale and/or Harvard Law School, that might change my decision. Meanwhile, life is good!