Today’s News

Today, I received the poker chips and table top I ordered several days ago. All in all, they are very nice – the table top, in particular, surpassed my expectations. I bought both chips and table top at 5StarDeal. The downside: while I ordered 250 white chips and 200 red, I received 450 white and 0 red. The good news is that they are replacing those chips and refunding me the return shipping cost.

Meanwhile, I got very, very frustrated with Macromedia Dreamweaver; while it claims to support Find/Replace operations with regular expressions, a great many regex features (like the “limsux” operators, most special/control characters, and some others) don’t work, and the matches are not always all found. Hence, I had a client website offline for about an hour – far longer than the planned 5 minutes – while I double-checked and corrected Dreamweaver’s faulty performance. I think I’m going to build a regex-capable find/replace program for Windows, since none of the programs I’ve seen work properly. Who would be interested in such a thing? If you would, or if you know of another program I should look at, please comment!

P.S. This is the dealer button I ordered, but I don’t have it, yet.

Justice O’Connor Retires

After a long career in serving our country, Justice Sandra Day O’Connor is retiring.

It will be very interesting to see who is nominated – and who is confirmed – to replace Justice O’Connor. A more conservative replacement could make a lot of 5-4 decisions swing the other way, while another moderate would preserve the suspense.

Seems to me, the confirmation battle will be very interesting, and probably prophetic of the 2008 election. If Senate Democrats filibuster on a nominee for too long, it could kill them in ’08. On the other hand, if a very conservative or very controversial candidate breezes through, it could hurt the GOP. Anybody got thoughts on this?