Going to Get a MINI

There’s a MINI Cooper S, coming in, that has everything I want to pay for. So, I’m heading over to the nearest dealer (a couple hours from here) in the morning, for a test drive. Assuming I like the current model styling and handling as much as that of the ’04 model, I’ll be reserving my MINI and picking it up in about 2-2.5 weeks.

Hackers, or Idiots?

What is the deal with the 404 (page not found) errors on my site? Some are Power PC problems (a tendency to include bad punctuation in page requests). Most, however, appear to be hack attempts. For example, rather than requesting /edblog/content_45.htm, somebody requests /women/creditos/content_45.htm. What is that? Weird…

Why Greenpeace has Zero Credibility

Greenpeace apparently thinks a claymation-style ad portraying a sexual encounter between Bush and Blair is an appropriate way to get attention. The ad is on IFILM: Blair Blows Bush. Warning: this is not “work safe.” Not lunch safe, either.

Thanks to Michelle Malkin.

Note: I am still trying to verify the legitimacy of this ad and that it was not created by a Greenpeace opponent. Any information – official statements by Greenpeace, etc. – would be appreciated.

UPDATE 7/30/05: It’s real. It’s on the Greenpeace UK website.

University of Texas at Austin = Junk Mail U.

I generally have a pretty good opinion of UT-Austin. I am not terribly happy, though, that since applying for – and declining – admission to the UT-A law school, I continue to get junk mail and the occasional phone call from Austin apartment complexes. To date, I’ve gotten several dozen pieces of mail and a few calls, plus a few contacts from non-housing industry Austin businesses. Why the university felt it should – or even, ethically, could – provide my address to area businesses is beyond me.

Change in Plans

Bear with me or skip this entry; I’m really just thinking on the screen.

Well, today was mostly spent vehicle-shopping. I had priced out the specific truck I would buy, in an ideal world, and found a very, very similarly equipped model, nearby, so I woke up this morning with the intent of going and getting it. Thanks in large part to sticker-shock moment at the local credit union, I realized just how much of a payment I was really looking at…

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New Feature: Current Reading and Listening

I have added a fun new feature: on certain pages (the home page, Music page, EdBlog, and books section), my current and most recent reading and listening selections will appear on the left side. I have always thought this was a cool feature on other sites, because it’s (a) interesting to see what makes people tick and (b) a good way to learn about good books and music from people with similar interests.

Let me know what you think!

Harry Potter, Parents, the Media, and the Lunatic Fringe(s)

“Where they have burned books, they will end in burning human beings.” (German: “Dort, wo man Bücher verbrennt, verbrennt man am Ende auch Menschen.”) — Heinrich Heine, from his play Almansor (1821)

I saw a report on CNN Headline News, earlier, about the (midnight, last night) release of the latest Harry Potter novel. Forget for a moment that 300,000 Britons felt the need to hang around British bookstores in the middle of the night to buy a supposed children’s book at the earliest possible instant; what bothers me is how the debate over the value of these books is carried on.

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