Well, apparently I’m not just spitting into the wind. Several people have mentioned EdBlog posts to me, just this week. Yeah! I have actual readers!

If any of you readers want to offer input as to what I should do with this (i.e., post topics, general site comments, whatever), please leave a comment (below, or you can click on the title of the post, above, if there’s no comments box on this page).

FOSS OTD: 10/25-10/28

Caching up, again, on the FOSS OTD:

  • 10/25: GNU Privacy Guard – GPG is a free version of PGP, or Pretty Good Privacy, a suite of strong encryption tools. While GPG doesn’t have all of the same features, it does allow you to encrypt files or e-mails with extremely strong encryption.
  • 10/26: WINE (“WINE Is Not an Emulator”) lets you run Windows applications under Linux and Unix. Very cool.
  • 10/27: Cooperative Linux lets you run Linux on Microsoft Windows, much like commercial systems like VMWare. This actually works pretty well.
  • 10/28: phpBB is a free and open source bulletin board (discussion group) package. It’s fast, reliable, and absolutely free. In fact, I’m thinking of installing it on here.

Obviously, it looks like I bit off more than I can chew with this FOSS OTD idea. I barely even have time to think about a blog, much less think of something to put on it, most weekdays. So, I’ll probably post items as they strike me, not necessarily on a daily basis.

Memo, Schmemo

I just finished my first draft of my second legal writing assignment, a six-page (1800 word) memo on a hypothetical case involving a broken marriage engagement. It was actually quite fascinating to see how my thoughts on the legal issues evolved, from the time I finished reading through the materials to the time I finished typing my memo.

At first, I had a neat little set of answers. The more I pored over the materials, though, and tried to express my expectations about how the court would handle various claims, the more my expectations changed. It was really very interesting. In fact, this kind of experience – that is, learning to attack a problem from all sides – is just downright good for you.

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