An Obstacle to Going Microsoft-free

I recently found a major obstacle to going Microsoft-free. I could switch to Linux, if I had the time to fool with it, at the moment, but it appears I am stuck with Microsoft Word, still. While I really like 2.0 (OOo), it doesn’t have native support for creating tables of authorities (a.k.a., tables of citations). That feature is only really of interest to attorneys, but, of course, that is what I am training to be. Once I realized this, I also realized that OOo doesn’t support tables of contents, when reading a .doc file.

Of course, I still haven’t found anything that really replaces Outlook, either, since I use more than just the messaging features (in fact, I use the calendar, notes, contacts, and more, quite heavily) and must be able to sync all this info with a handheld.

Unfortunately, as frustrating as I find MS products, I think I’m stuck with Office, at least, until OOo or some alternative catches up and integrates much better support for other major file formats like .doc.

Winter Exams Post-Mortem (Final)

Well, they weren’t bad, after all; in fact, they were better than my fall grades. I’m not ecstatic about either grade in absolute terms, but I am certainly thrilled with the fact that I was not at the bottom of the curve in Contracts. I also had the gratifying experience of hearing Professor Baird say, “Yeah, that was a really hard exam. It took me forever to do the model answer.” So, it wasn’t my incompetence (or at least, not entirely) that made it seem horrible, which is reassuring.

Windows XP Pro SP2 Hibernation Problems – Fixed?

I have mentioned before (here and here the problem of “too much” memory causing crashes and failed hibernation/standby attempts in Windows XP laptops. Microsoft has made a hotfix available, but it’s still in testing (until 2007, from the looks of it), so you have to call and ask for it (which is free). It seems like everything is working okay, so far, but I have only done one standby cycle to test it, as of yet.

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