Month: April 2006

  • Coffee

    It’s 1:28 AM, and I just brewed a pot of coffee. Gonna be a long night. (In case you’re wondering, the single biggest assignment of 1L year is due on Monday morning. I have a lot of writing and editing left to do.)

  • An Obstacle to Going Microsoft-free

    I recently found a major obstacle to going Microsoft-free. I could switch to Linux, if I had the time to fool with it, at the moment, but it appears I am stuck with Microsoft Word, still. While I really like 2.0 (OOo), it doesn’t have native support for creating tables of authorities (a.k.a., tables…

  • Winter Exams Post-Mortem (Final)

    Well, they weren’t bad, after all; in fact, they were better than my fall grades. I’m not ecstatic about either grade in absolute terms, but I am certainly thrilled with the fact that I was not at the bottom of the curve in Contracts. I also had the gratifying experience of hearing Professor Baird say,…

  • Windows XP Pro SP2 Hibernation Problems – Fixed?

    I have mentioned before (here and here the problem of “too much” memory causing crashes and failed hibernation/standby attempts in Windows XP laptops. Microsoft has made a hotfix available, but it’s still in testing (until 2007, from the looks of it), so you have to call and ask for it (which is free). It seems…

  • Summer Job

    I am happy to say that I have accepted a summer job as a research assistant with Professor Todd Henderson. It should be great.