Month: July 2006

  • 1L Recap

    It seems like a recap of my year might be a potentially useful thing, either for those who wonder why I’ve suddenly become so bad at keeping in touch or for those who go through this, next year. There were two big lessons of the year, for me: Rely heavily on practicing with old exams…

  • The Zac Brown Band

    My sister Annie introduced me to the Zac Brown Band, last night. Twenty-four hours later, they are one of my favorite groups. Excellent. If you like country or Southern rock, at all, go to the site and listen to the three free streams.

  • Ann Coulter, Plagiarist?

    Professor Randy Picker just posted some interesting commentary on the AP’s suggestion that Ann Coulter committed plagiarism in her new book, Godless. It comes a little too close to the topic of our brief, last quarter, but it’s interesting, nonetheless.

  • American Legal Theory Grade

    My American Legal Theory grade came back, today. For once, it looks like hard work really does pay off in law school!