1L Recap

It seems like a recap of my year might be a potentially useful thing, either for those who wonder why I’ve suddenly become so bad at keeping in touch or for those who go through this, next year.

There were two big lessons of the year, for me:

  1. Rely heavily on practicing with old exams (actually working them, not skimming them like I usually did).
  2. Proofread/sanity-check your exam responses, even given the time pressure. A single foolish error might have enormous consequences for your grade.

Personally, it was an extremely difficult year, aside from school. Partly as a result of that fact and partly because I didn’t discover the proper exam-taking strategy (for me, anyway) until halfway through the second quarter exam cycle, I didn’t do as well as I had hoped. All in all, though, I really can’t complain, given the number of times law school was literally the last thing on my mind.

What follows is a class-by-class breakdown of what I did to prepare and whether or not it worked. Continue reading “1L Recap”