Month: August 2006

  • Apartment Life

    The problem with apartment life is that you rapidly learn how true it is that some couples really do fight all the time…

  • Absurdity

    My phone is shorted out. My printer is shorted out. The local Verizon outlet doesn’t provide insurance replacements (or speak English). Office Depot won’t honor their insurance plan until the manufacturer warranty expires. I’m going to lose my mind. EDIT: I forgot to mention that the nearest Men’s Wearhouse had only 2 white shirts in […]

  • Truer words…

    A friend sent this to me: “I think of everybody I know, you are the one most constantly besieged by idiocy.” In case you wondered why I haven’t posted much, lately, there’s your answer.

  • CJIL

    I have been invited to join the staff of the Chicago Journal of International Law for the coming year, and have accepted. I’m looking forward to the experience!

  • Because It’s There

    I made it! Rainier was incredible. Unfortunately, as I suspected, my physical conditioning was pretty borderline, so I was dragging on the way down, but I did make both the summit and the trip down under my own power. What an incredible mountain. I plan to post a lot more on this; more details are […]