Married Life (First of Many Thoughts)

I am married! Our wedding was amazing – pictures coming soon – and the honeymoon even better. I can strongly recommend both our hotel for the first night in Chicago and our destination, a hotel/resort in Wisconsin where we had a private cabin on a lake. The resort even threw in an upgrade worth over $2,000, free of charge. It was simply amazing. Drop me a line if you would like to know more about where we went.

Anyway, so far, married life is great, because my wife is amazing. The honeymoon may be officially over, at least the traveling part, but I figure real life doesn’t start until we have to get books and go to classes on Monday.

Moving -> Moved!

As many of you already knew, I have moved! Twice, in fact: Houston to Chicago, then to a different apartment (in the same building as before) in Chicago.

SO, if you were sending me mail at my Houston or Chicago addresses, or even thinking about it, check with me for my new address. You can do that here.