Political Roundup

There is so much good stuff in the blogosphere today, I decided it might be easier to do a roundup post than to highlight the hot points.


How to Lose an Election

Bill Clinton says, “We just have to slow down our economy” to fight global warming. This is the same guy who swept into office on James Carville’s mantra that it’s “the economy, stupid,” right? Is the Clinton campaign even looking at polls like this one? This one?

More on the Berkeley Stupidity

Berkeley is still trying to force out the United States Marine Corps. I can’t even summarize this one; just go read it. Berkeley gives Marines the boot.

Why the Field is so Bad

I have no idea for whom to vote. None. I am a staunch, free-market, old-school conservative. A fan of men like Burke, Reagan, and Kirk. That means I don’t have a candidate in this race. Continue reading “Why the Field is so Bad”

I Hate Spam

I hate spam. Which is unfortunate, because I get enormous quantities of it. The true horror in graphic form:

I get about 940 emails per day, excluding the 30 or so on my school account and about 10 per day on Gmail and Yahoo! I am working on implementing some server-side filtering, because my poor little client-side filter is just not up to the challenge, anymore (not to mention that downloading almost 1,000 messages a day is a huge hassle – imagine what happens when I’m away from the computer for a day or two!). This will also be the subject of an upcoming post or posts.

Still More Outlook 2007 Stupidity

I receive a lot of newsletters as HTML email messages. For obvious reasons, I want to view the images in those messages, so I tell Outlook 2007 it’s okay to download the images from site somesite.com. The problem is that Outlook will download some images from a site, but not others. For example, http://www.somesite.com/image1.gif might download, but http://www.somesite.com/image2.gif will not, and will instead display as a blank space (no red X or anything) of a random size (not the size of the image in question or the size specified in the source code). Can anybody help me resolve this?

EDIT: I now know the problem’s source. Apparently, this is yet another result of Microsoft’s absurd decision to render HTML in Outlook using Word’s HTML renderer, rather than Internet Explorer’s. The Scoop on Outlook 2007. Seriously, what were they thinking??? Anyway, original post follows.


  • The images are all really out there on the web, all on the same domain.
  • The images are referenced in HTML, not attached to the message. EDIT: On further examination, it looks like affected images are all referenced in the background attribute of a table HTML element…
  • This only happens with specific images from specific senders. For example, the header logo from one site never downloads, but all other images in that site’s weekly newsletter display properly.
  • Telling Outlook never to block downloads of images and restarting doesn’t resolve the problem.
  • The images in question are all GIF files which display perfectly in MSIE and Firefox.
  • My only theories so far are that Outlook sends headers the remote server doesn’t like for a particular image (weird) or that Outlook is just not even trying to download the images in question.

So, loyal reader: any ideas? Thanks!

There’s opposing the war…

And then there’s trying to undermine the nation’s ability to protect itself. Berkeley wants to treat military recruitment offices like porn shops. Hat tip: Michelle Malkin.


Just finished 23rd in a 2,757-player no-limit hold ’em freeroll on Ultimate Bet. W00t!

EDIT: Also, just finished 70th out of 3,589 in a no-limit Omaha freeroll on PokerStars. Fun times.

Where the WMDs Really Were?

A new report indicates that maybe they were all smoke and no fire. Interrogator: Invasion Surprised Saddam, Tells 60 Minutes Former Dictator Bragged About Eluding Capture – CBS News