More Fun with Daylight Savings Time

I had forgotten another wonderful byproduct of DST. Microsoft Outlook automatically changes all of my all-day or multi-day appointments to start one hour later. Why it would be true, now, that the Fourth of July holiday would start at 1:00 AM, for example… I have no idea.

P.S. This doesn’t impact appointments that are not at least one day long and don’t span two days. So, my Conflicts of Law exam still starts at the right time, but my spring break starts at… 1:00 AM.

P.P.S. This doesn’t seem to affect some appointments, for reasons I don’t understand. What’s really confounding is that it has the times right; it just uses them incorrectly. If I open a messed-up appointment to change it, it already shows the right start time (12:00 AM); I just have to click “Save.”

So. Very. Stupid.

Being Too Helpful

Most days, we use my phone as my alarm clock. It’s loud enough and persistent enough, plus it automatically compensates for things like Daylight Savings Time. Imagine my surprise when I discovered, however, that it had adjusted not only the time, but the alarm times, as well. So, at 2:00 AM, it apparently set the time to 3:00 and my 8:00 alarm to 9:00, producing exactly the effect that would have occurred if I had to set it forward for DST manually and forgot. It’s always fun waking up at the instant you were supposed to walk out the door.

I am annoyed.