Windows: Another Sure Thing?

After writing my last post, I discovered what may be another sure thing: unpredictable failures to work by Windows. Our printer is networked; it sits downstairs, connected to an old laptop, and we print everything to it over the network. It has been working fine. Well, okay, it’s been a little flaky for a few days, but it has been generally doing great since we set it up.

Today, I started getting this error: “Windows cannot connect to the printer. The server print spooler service is not running. Please restart the spooler on the server or restart the server machine.” This despite the fact that the print spooler service most definitely is/was running and the fact that the machine to which the printer is attached could print to it just fine.

Fortunately, I didn’t have to waste too much time before finding a solution. Still, it would be nice if Windows would work the way it is supposed to. I would settle for it just continuing to work, even if not everything I try to do works the first time. Sigh…

Taxes, Parts 2-5

If there’s one thing I love more than taxes, it has to be having a week in which to recalculate and refile all your timely filed tax forms… in duplicate. Thanks to a glitch in my tax prep software (here nameless, but quite reputable), our Illinois return was filed in such a way that Illinois thinks it gets to tax all our joint income, even though only Sarah’s half and a bit of spare change is taxable in Illinois. So, I now get to recalculate and amend both our federal and Illinois returns using a status of “married filing separately,” even though I only actually have to file the Illinois returns.

There may be only two sure things in life, but at least you only have to die once.

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