Simply Amazing

I had the pleasure of watching history being made [ed.: link updated to an archived link because the original was broken] with Stephen Schwartz and Sarah at the Baker Street pub in town, tonight. Amazing. Congratulations, Michael Phelps.

Dean on Racial and Gender Diversity

Howard Dean says non-whites and women are more successful in the Democratic Party than “in the white, uh, excuse me, in the [laughs] Republican party.” It’s hard to say whether or not that’s true, of course, given the (recent) historical preference of those groups for the DNC over the GOP, which also frequently results in under-performance by GOP candidates who are not both white and male. In any case, as Michelle Malkin points out, this is a case of at least a little hypocrisy, as Dean’s own leadership is not particularly diverse, apart from Senator Pelosi and the candidate Senator Obama.

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