Day: September 1, 2008

  • Blogging Hiatus?

    As much as I’ve enjoyed playing around with this site in the last couple of weeks, alas, the real world calls. I start at Baker Botts, tomorrow, as does Sarah. So, perhaps there will be a bit of a break in the blogging. To all five of my readers: please come back; I will not […]

  • Quarkbase

    I am an avid user of lots of tools for learning more about websites (various whois sites, DNS lookup services, Google PageRank, Alexa, just about anything that simplifies my use of the web.) One of my new favorites, though, has to be Quarkbase. For the amount of information it provides on a single screen, it’s […]

  • Amazing Desktop Mod

    I’m usually not very interested in desktop modifications, at least not on Windows. I need my computer for productivity first and eye candy second or third, so I just don’t have the system resources to spare, given how poorly Windows often runs, anyway. That said, this is amazing and sorely tempting me: How To: Roll […]