Month: November 2008

  • EMP: Still Something to Keep You Up at Night

    In case you’ve already resumed sleeping normally after my prior post on the EMP threat, the Wall Street Journal has more to remind you of the danger.

  • $7,400,000,000,000

    That’s what the Fed is pledging to “rescue the financial system,” according to That’s 50% of 2007 GDP, or 288% of 2007 federal tax revenues. Makes my prior post sound look like a praise of good budgeting.

  • $4,284,500,000,000

    That’s what the so-called “financial crisis” of 2008 has cost the federal government directly… so far.* Wonder how that stacks up to other crises? CNBC has a slideshow showing the costs (inflation-adjusted) of some of the biggest government projects ever. There are many events not listed in that slide show, of course. Two of the…

  • Brilliant a Cappella Geekery

    For all the Lucas/Spielberg/Williams fans out there (and probably most of the critics, as well), I present the best use of YouTube I have seen in a while. (h/t American Elephants)

  • New Cell Phone Number

    I am ditching my old, Chicago-area code (773) cell phone and switching to a Houston number. Please direct all calls and texts to 713-876-6095. Thanks!