Month: January 2014

  • Ebooks Community on Stack Exchange

    Stack Exchange has launched (in beta) a wonderful new community at It’s a fantastic and free resource for all questions related to ebooks – reading, writing, publishing, buying, selling, and lending. Anyone can ask a question, anyone can answer, and the best questions and answers get voted to the top. I encourage you to […]

  • Site Move

    This site has found a new home, on a VPS (Virtual Private Server). My prior host had let me down far too often by failing to install current technology and by repeatedly installing spam filters that silently blocked (and in some cases, permanently deleted) only about half of my spam, along with hundreds of good […]

  • Fix Quicken 2014 Copy and Paste with AutoHotKey

    For no apparent reason, Intuit broke the copy and paste functions in Quicken 2014, such that you can no longer copy text from a transaction or paste into a transaction field. If you use AutoHotKey, there’s an easy fix. Just add the following to a .ahk script: #IfWinActive Quicken ; Quicken 2014 no longer allows […]

  • Toggle the Find Results Window in Notepad++ with a Hotkey

    I write software and play with websites in my spare time, mostly using Notepad++.  One of the banes of my existence is that there is no keyboard shortcut for closing the Find Results pane / window that appears when I do one of the following: Find All in All Opened Documents Find All in Current Document […]