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  • Stack Overflow Moderator Elections, Part II

    In case you missed my first post on this topic, I am a candidate in the 2015 Stack Overflow moderator elections. I made it through the nomination phase (32 candidates) and primary (30 candidates), and now I’m in the general election with only 10 candidates for 3 spots remaining! I am extremely honored and humbled…

  • StackOverflow moderator elections

    I’m standing for election as a moderator on StackOverflow. There are many¬†worthy candidates, but I would appreciate your vote, if you’re a member!

  • Fix Quicken 2014 Copy and Paste with AutoHotKey

    For no apparent reason, Intuit broke the copy and paste functions in Quicken 2014, such that you can no longer copy text from a transaction or paste into a transaction field. If you use AutoHotKey, there’s an easy fix. Just add the following to a .ahk script: #IfWinActive Quicken ; Quicken 2014 no longer allows…