Tag: Entertainment

  • Win Some, Lose Some

    Today’s win: successfully replacing the laser in a broken Wii console, without wiping the saved data or shorting anything out. Thank you, Console Zombie! Today’s loss: finding out that Momentum MINI in Houston put much cheaper tires on my car two weeks ago than the ones that I came in with, even though they didn’t…

  • Treadmill

    I’m writing this on my treadmill! We bought a SurfShelf Treadmill Desk for those times when we want to work out but need to work or have something else to do on the computer. Pretty sweet.

  • Have you started your social network yet?

    Or rather, 230,000 of them? That’s the promise (and achievement) of Ning, the latest effort by serial entrepreneur Marc Andreessen. The principle is simple: let people create their own social networks, for whomever and whatever reason. The results are amazing: the site is growing at 0.4% per day and aiming to host 4 million networks…

  • Ashes and Snow

    Reading CNN.com, this morning, I was introduced to Ashes and Snow, a new exhibition by photographer Gregory Colbert. It is simply stunning. Do yourself a favor and go explore the site, right now.

  • Stupid, Cost-Conscious Me

    I’m kicking myself for opting for the cheap graphics card when I bought my laptop. William talked me into finally checking out Civilization IV, but it turns out my graphics card can’t hack it (only 32MB, and 64MB cards are required). I’m quite tempted to go buy the game, see if it will run, and…