FOSS OTD: Mozilla Firefox

Today’s pick is the wonderful Mozilla Firefox browser. More secure than Internet Explorer (IE), more flexible than IE or Netscape (NS), fast, reliable, and extensible, Firefox is my browser of choice.

A side note: if, due to a crash, you should ever find that Firefox fails to load your bookmarks, take the following steps:
(1) Don’t panic
(2) Don’t close Firefox!
(3) Open Windows Explorer (you can do this with Windows Key + E).
(4) Find the file bookmarks.bak.
(5) Open it (if asked, use the program Notepad). Look at the contents; they should look like names and information about your bookmarks.
(6) Close Firefox.
(7) Save the file bookmarks.bak as bookmarks.html (in the same folder where you found it). Overwrite the existing file.
(8) Restart Firefox.
(9) You should be good, now!

Regular backups, of course, are always a good idea.

Join the Firefox Revolution!

I did it; I ditched Internet Explorer as my primary browser. “What?”, you ask, “How can you do that? You’re a web developer!” Well, it’s simple: I use the great and free Mozilla Firefox as my primary browser, with Internet Explorer, Netscape, and Opera as backup browsers for testing.

Mozilla Firefox is Open Source, meaning the program code can be viewed by anybody and changed by trusted volunteers. This makes it leaner, meaner, faster, more standards-compliant (i.e., better), and more secure than Internet Explorer. It’s a fast, easy download, and you can even copy over all of your settings!

Get Firefox!

If you need information on making the switch, read this article on switching from Internet Explorer to Mozilla Firefox.

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