Tag: Human Stupidity

  • Hard Times

    You know times are bad when large corporations start accepting advertising money to do product placement in their web chat tech support sessions. For example: “Thank you, I’ve found your account information.  While I’m looking up your account info, be sure to check out _____, where you can meet friends, play games, etc.” That just…

  • Heavy Memory

    This is just odd. You know, there are times, ya just gotta rip that RAM right out of the computer, drop it in your pocket, and GO. You just, you know, gotta move. And you might need 4 gigs of RAM when you get… wherever you’re going. Somebody might need RAM! Think of the children!!!

  • How Not to Set Up a Patio Set

    Last weekend’s big project was for me to set up our patio furniture. Newly arrived – we ordered it online – it sat on the back porch for only about 12 hours; I really wanted to get to it. So, I went outside, cut open the table box with a utility knife, started removing the…

  • Epic Mail Merge Fail

    I received a mass-mailed (via U.S. Mail) invitation to purchase window blinds – lots of them – today. The recipient on the label was: Cottrell Edward Michael Etal Cottrell Edward Michael Etal FAIL.

  • Dog on a Ham Slicer

    Jeremy Clarkson is one of the geniuses featured on the BBC series Top Gear. He is also author of possibly the most amazing review of a new car I have ever read. Money quote: It feels like the clutch is slipping. It feels horrid. And the sound is worse. The Honda’s petrol engine is a…