Tag: Hurricanes

  • Power!

    The power is finally back on! It only took 11.5 days, but we have lights, A/C, cable, internet access… In short, we have our home back, and it is good.

  • Post-Ike Update

    As I said in my last entry, we survived Hurricane Ike just fine. In fact, we don’t seem to have suffered any damage except for the power outage and a front door that no longer opens due to swelling (the wind blew water right at the door all night, and it swelled to a point…

  • Alive and Well

    Just a quick update that we are alive and well, but still (as of last night, anyway) waiting for the power to come back on. It went out a couple minutes after my last live-blog post. More to follow soon.

  • Hurricane Ike Live Blog

    To all who are checking this site out for Hurricane Ike info, I’ll be live-blogging the storm. My wife and I live in The Heights neighborhood of Houston (map here). That’s quite a distance from Galveston and the coast, but right in the path of this monster. I plan to blog until I lose power…

  • No More Work

    I have work to do, but serious connectivity issues mean it’s time to stop. So, just waiting now. Nothing much going on outside, yet – it was breezy (like 10-15 mph gusts) a while ago, when I retrieved a small pot from the back patio before it could reenter the house on its own. Right…