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  • Post-Mortem

    So, America has elected its next President, its next Vice President, 35 Senators, 435 members of the House of Representatives, and thousands of state and local officers. We did it, again, without violence or bloodshed, with a minimum of intimidation, with a minimum of fraud, and, in general, with great dignity. There can be no […]

  • A Simple Request

    I have one request of Americans this week: Please, don’t immanentize the Eschaton.

  • Where It All Gets… Interesting…

    I’ve been doing a lot of thinking – far too much, actually – about this election. I am not going to blog here about the relative merits of each candidate – anyone undecided between these two extremely different candidates at this point hasn’t been paying attention. In fact, this will probably be my last election-related […]

  • Greg Mankiw’s Work Incentives

    Greg Mankiw’s new post on his personal work incentives is required reading for anyone who wants to discuss taxes in this election cycle. The idea is simple: our tax system uses marginal rates, meaning one rate applies to the first dollar earned and different rates kick in at different thresholds. (That is, unless you’re so […]

  • Just A Little Biased, Maybe?

    From an article on Obama’s claim that McCain “doesn’t know what he’s up against”: “He can talk all he wants about Britney (Spears) and Paris (Hilton), but I don’t have time for that mess,” Obama said. His remarks carried forward a theme of feisty campaigning he debuted earlier in the day. I’m sorry? When a […]