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  • Wild Poker Hand

    Last night, I played some Hold ‘Em, and went all-in with top pair (kings), holding AK offsuit. The problem was that two other players had AK offsuit, as well! One of them caught a K-high flush on the river, and the other caught the A-high flush on the river. Ouch. Of course, the pot was […]

  • Poker Chips

    I got the rest of my poker chips, today; all in all, the service was pretty good. I did get a chance to “break in” the table and chips, a bit, and am happy with both. Okay, back to work

  • Why I Like Playing a Short Stack

    I have played a fair amount of poker, this weekend, since I’ve got little else to do; I resolved to avoid work, this weekend, and I don’t know anybody, nearby, so I might as well play some cards. I had a very good night, on Friday, and again last night (cashed out with 18x and […]

  • Today’s News

    Today, I received the poker chips and table top I ordered several days ago. All in all, they are very nice – the table top, in particular, surpassed my expectations. I bought both chips and table top at 5StarDeal. The downside: while I ordered 250 white chips and 200 red, I received 450 white and […]