The Federal Marriage Amendment

Unless you’re living in a cave, you probably have heard about the recent Supreme Court overthrow of anti-sodomy laws in 13 states. You’ve probably also heard that this is “Gay Pride” weekend (or simply “Pride” weekend, since “gay” is apparently insensitive to the “transgendered” and all sorts of other folks).

We have a problem here.

Various groups are trying to undermine the most basic of all social institutions: marriage. The God-ordained institution of marriage is under attack in courts across the nation, and your help is needed to save it before the one man-one woman definition of marriage is completely and radically redefined. Homosexual marriage will soon be a reality if you fail to get involved! Go to and sign the petition supporting a federal marriage amendment.

Bowling practice

So, the lesson of the night is that I need to bowl more often, if I wish to be good. I bowled three games tonight. Suffice it to say that all were below my average, which is around 143; the last game I bowled, tonight, was a 142. Darn.

Meanwhile, I’m making progress, but by no means finished with the website for Campus Crusade. I also have client work to do and a never-ending list of internal tasks for Topsail. Sigh… I would like a break.

I take it nobody reads this, based on the low (zero) response level from my inquiry last week. Oh, well. It amuses me, so it’s worth it. I’m going to bed.

Busy beyond belief

I’ve been so busy, I’ve had no time to update this, the past few days. I’ve got major web design projects going on, both at Crusade and at Topsail, and I’m just really looking to keep up.

Thought of the day: freedom is a beautiful thing.