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  • Editing Fail

    Forget bloggers and the economy; this is why newspapers are going under left and right. Go on; try to count the grammatical errors.  (Try not to be distracted by the incredibly scuzzy Uncle Sam figure or the strange logical errors.) If the reader has to have a good understanding of a topic to comprehend a […]

  • In Praise of Logic

    Sometime in the last few generations, logic started getting short shrift. I don’t mean logic as a concept; plenty of people can, and do, invoke “logic” as a defense for completely absurd arguments. No, I mean LOGIC, the formal subject of study, the one involving formal concepts like “and,” “or,” and “xor,” as well as […]

  • Blind Leading the Blind

    A retired teacher reveals he was illiterate until age 48. The author seems to think this story is inspirational. I would call it disgusting and a sign that our educational system is a wreck.

  • Further Proof…

    … that about half the population will vote for about anything: the Miami-Dade County School Board voted 5-4 to fire six teachers and accept the resignations of 26 others. The teachers in question had all paid to obtain continuing education credits, rather than taking actual courses, and then lied about the credits by representing them […]

  • Ouch

    According to a new study, most college students are basically unable to handle real-world life. Not surprising, but very disturbing.