LSAT Prep in the Chicago Metro Area

I no longer offer any test preparation services. I am not able at this time to make referrals to any other private tutors. Please do not write me to ask for test prep – this is all I will be able to tell you.

The Official “Numbers are annoying” Post

I’m frustrated by the waiting game on school applications. Why? Well, I got a very solid (A- range) GPA from Rice, which, of course, is a great, though underrated, school. I got a very good LSAT score, but not quite what I was getting in practice. Now, I have to play the blasted waiting game and wonder if my unquantifiable factors (experiences abroad, entrepreneurship, languages, leadership, etc.) really count at my top 3 or so schools. I’m very happy about the NYU, Duke, and Vanderbilt acceptances, but a little more confidence would be great… Just a few LSAT points or, say, 0.1 GPA points would be wonderful. Dang it.


I took the LSAT today (October 2). I think it went really well. I’ll find out on the 25th whether or not that’s true.

Meanwhile, one major reason I haven’t updated this often is that it has gotten unwieldy. I plan to give my site a complete overhaul, just as soon as I can finish some of my work with Campus Crusade (which has dragged on far too long, now). Expect a new layout, more blog entries, more tools/writings/information, and (probably) some forums. Thanks for your patience!

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