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  • More on the Berkeley Stupidity

    Berkeley is still trying to force out the United States Marine Corps. I can’t even summarize this one; just go read it. Berkeley gives Marines the boot.

  • Where the WMDs Really Were?

    A new report indicates that maybe they were all smoke and no fire. Interrogator: Invasion Surprised Saddam, Tells 60 Minutes Former Dictator Bragged About Eluding Capture – CBS News

  • Abdul Rahman to be Released

    I posted, a couple days ago, on the situation of Abdul Rahman, the Afghan Christian who was facing the death penalty for his conversion from Islam. CNN is reporting that he will be released “in the coming days.” (Link to follow)

  • Afghan Christian Faces Death Penalty

    In case you haven’t heard, yet, Abdul Rahman, an Afghan man who converted from Islam to Christianity has been arrested and is awaiting trial, at which he faces the possibility of the death penalty. CNN.com has the full story. This is, obviously, an outrage. While freedom of religion is hardly universal and while other nations…

  • Death in London, Madness in Iraq

    This morning, as I’m sure you’ve heard, four bombs exploded in the London transit system, killing at least 33 and wounding hundreds. A group calling itself the “Secret Organization Group of al Qaeda of Jihad in Europe” is claiming responsibility. Also, this morning, the al Qaeda organization in Iraq claims that it has killed the…