New Job – Quick Thoughts

As many of you know, I started a new job with the new year. Yesterday was my first day as a Senior Attorney in the litigation group of the law firm Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP. It was a great day, and I’m very excited about the work ahead. I will be doing two types of work: both representing clients in their litigation matters and developing software platforms to augment and streamline the practice of law. It’s a truly unique opportunity to combine two of my skill sets and passions, and I can’t wait to get started in earnest.

I will, of course, miss the outstanding justices and wonderful former colleagues at the First Court of Appeals. But all good things in this life must come to an end, and this next chapter promises to be a great one!

Leaving My Job and Starting a Business

Entrepreneur Name Tag Business Owner New Startup Company

As you may know, I gave my notice at the First Court of Appeals this week. I am leaving the practice of law in order to start a software company, Cereblitz!

Cereblitz makes the first fully-customizable cart for customizable products

I will be developing and marketing an ecommerce platform for selling customizable products, such as products that can be imprinted with text or logos or have other user specifications. I have mentioned the software before, but now I am going to be working on it full-time.

This platform is one-of-a-kind: there is nothing else out there that is available to small and medium-sized businesses for selling customizable products!

I need your help getting the word out! Please help me by doing at least one of the following:


Last Day

As many of you already know, today was my last day as an associate at Baker Botts. I had many great opportunities there over the last three and one-half years and will miss my many wonderful friends, colleagues, and mentors.

On June 18, I will be joining the litigation section of Baker Hostetler, here in Houston. I am looking forward to the new challenges and new opportunities there.

Return of the Blog

After posting to this blog only 5 times in all of 2011, I have decided that it is well past time to revive this blog. I regularly come across material that I would like to share on here, but inertia and the press of other concerns tend to take over. No more.

In 2012, I hope to post every week, at minimum. This should be easier than it has been in the past, thanks to a new phone (Baker Botts is now supporting iPhones) and a wonderful new gadget: the amazing and useful iPad 2 that Sarah and I received for Christmas. This truly is an ingeniously designed device. I am actually typing this post on it, which is not quite as natural as typing on a full-size keyboard, but still remarkably easy.

Anyway, look for a major rebound in this space soon.

And if I haven’t talked to you in the last few days, I hope you had a merry Christmas and have a wonderful 2012!

Jamaica and the Amazing Airtight Humidor

We just got back from Ocho Rios, Jamaica, and it was awesome. Last week was our first real vacation (“real,” as in longer than a three-day weekend and not a holiday visit with family – a true getaway) since 2008. It was way overdue, and well worth it.

One weird finale to the trip: my travel humidor vacuum-sealed itself on the flight back. The air pressure in the plane’s cargo hold got low enough that the travel humidor’s lid was sealed so tight after we landed that I couldn’t get it open. (I did eventually get it open, but only after wedging the file attachment on a pair of nail clippers between the base and lid and using it as a lever. Even then, it took about five seconds of hissing for the interior and exterior air pressures to equalize.)

Anyway, now it’s back to the grind tomorrow.

Calmness, Continued

I have not been posting much on here, lately, ironically because I am not super-busy, despite having a lot of opportunities for professional development and a lot of fun experiences. Life has remained at a good, non-frantic pace since the last entry, and we have been relishing the free time. That said, I plan to start updating this more often, again. The blog is a very useful thing when I’m actually using it, which is far too rarely.

Question for my readers, assuming I still have any: I want to brush up on my foreign language skills and, ideally, acquire additional languages down the road. I’m looking at the Pimsleur Comprehensive materials, and have liked what I’ve heard so far. Has anyone used these? I know what all the reviews say, but would like opinions of friends before purchasing anything.

Craziness Halted

For the first time in several months, we’ve both been able to leave the office at pretty normal hours, without taking work home, more than once in a week. Finally, our respective cases have calmed down enough that we’re running near a normal work week again. It’s nice.

Also, big congratulations to my buddies Phil and Kathleen on becoming parents to a healthy, beautiful baby boy!

House, Work, etc.

Things are still very crazy, but going well. We close on our first home Tuesday, which is very exciting. Of course, Sarah has to be out of town for a trial – she’ll come back for the actual closing. As if that weren’t enough, my main case has kicked back into hyperdrive; my two-item to-do list when I arrived at work expanded to a dozen-plus items by the end of the day. I did manage to get most of them done; the remaining items are quick and can be handled in the morning. It is good to be busy, though, and to be developing as a professional. Meanwhile, off to sleep!

Workin’ for a Livin’

In order to catch up from the disastrous start to my week, I had to find another gear if I was going to get my latest project partner-ready in time for said partner, in turn, to get it client-ready in time for delivery to the client today. It was a good project on a great case, with great people, for a fascinating client, but it was a very big task.

What did that mean in practical terms?

In practical terms, I billed 26.6 hours between 8:32 AM Thursday and 4:00 PM Friday.